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Nikon School of Photography

In this article, I lay out my best hints and tips that I use every time I photograph food. As part of Nikon School of Photography's 'Capture Your Light' series, I discuss both the technical and creative components of producing high-quality images.


Light is a crucial element of any shot and not only allows photographers to capture a moment but it also aids in telling a story. Living in the UK, where sunny days are scarce amongst the vast array of rainy ones, I am so fortunate to be a Master of Light for Rotolight where my light problems can be fixed with a flick of a switch (literally!).

Camera Jabber

In this interview with Angela Nicholson of Camera Jabber and SheClicks, I discuss how the 'Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award' was a pivotal moment in my photography career. The bar is raised every year regarding the standard of the photos and it's been an amazing event to not only witness every year for the last four, but also be a part of as a finalist each time. In this chat with Angela, I talk about what an important chapter Pink Lady Awards is in my life, both presently and in the past.

NPhoto Magazine

This multi-page spread for NPhoto magazine in June 2019 showcases how I transformed my love of art and painting into my photography career, and how I try to convey this passion in every shoot I do. The questions I was posed with cover both the creative and technical elements of my work, from how I style the food to the specific Nikon lenses I use to achieve certain shots.

Digital Camera World

I had the honour of being featured as the 'One to One' guest on the highly regarded 'Digital Camera World' magazine. I had the pleasure of talking with Neil Hampton about all the different elements of my photography career.

Jason PB Photography

This blog post by Jason PB highlights my top five photography tips and hints that I've acquired through trial and error over the years. It's a short read so perfect if you just want a quick summary of some of the things I do before, during and after a shoot.

The Bite Shot

This was one of my favourite interviews with my dear friend, Joanie Simon. Together, we discuss all the highs and lows of a photographer's life, in addition to divulging useful knowledge I've gained over the years. The main topic covered is how I've managed to create a career for myself through photographing recipe books for international authors.

Amateur Photographer - 17 November 2020

In this article, I discuss and explore the importance of a light in the creation of my images; the obstacles, challenges and the usefulness of it. As a Rotolight 'Master of Light' I use a variety of equipment ranging from the Rotolight NEO 2 to good old-fashioned natural light. 

WEX Masterclass

Join me on YouTube for this free online masterclass through WEX on shooting Commercial food photography with Rotolight. In the session, I focused on working commercially from my home (and how you can do the same), the gear requirements and importance of lighting, in addition to sharing examples of my current projects, and much more. 

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